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Sustainability is a popular term
we’ve heard for years.


But what is sustainability? And why should companies focus on it?

Studies have shown that sustainability-focused business models have afforded more profitability and an improvement in employee well-being. This tells us not only is there an economical motivation for these changes, but also the free market has shown that people care about the environment and there is a demand for such changes.

For example, in the United States, clean energy careers have wages 25% above the nation’s average, and the recycling of raw materials has created over 530,000 new jobs for Americans.

Our lightweight aluminum framing contains 30-51% recycled content and is fully recyclable post-use. In our production practices, K&R recycles all industrial aluminum waste. Recycling conserves precious resources and saves over 95% of the energy that would be used to make aluminum from scratch. It’s a win for business and a big win for the environment.

K&R - Sustainability

Recently we introduced Bio Knit, a biodegradable tension fabric. This printable substrate reduces the persistence of plastic waste in our waterways while maintaining the durability of standard polyester. K&R also offers a fabric recycling program to manage graphic materials through the end of their use.

K&R Fabric Recycling

These are just a few of the initiatives we are taking to continue our commitment to sustainability practices in our industry.


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