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The latest TSA numbers show a boom in this summer’s travel season with a significant return to travel. Despite the rise in jet fuel prices and airline tickets, travel is back in full force.

Recent passenger travel data provide proof companies need to engage not only business travelers but family and leisure travelers as well. Whether travelers are passing through security or boarding a flight, brands can leverage airport marketing space to reach a captive audience.

As every marketer knows, reaching consumers with the time and attention span to engage in a brand experience is golden. Many categories are turning to OOH to capture the attention of coveted consumer groups as airport travel reignites. And while the summer holidays are in the rearview mirror, the heavy holiday travel months are just beginning.

The time has come for brands to leverage the opportunity to engage with consumers during this crucial “dwell time” when they’re open to unique brand experiences within airport spaces. This strategy is taking off through airport terminals and concourse takeovers. Travel is back and Out of Home is on the rise.

The recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will push millions of dollars into American airports that haven’t been modernized in decades. Through the new law, Logan Int’l Airport will receive $62 million to update the international terminals and improve airplane roadways, runways, and more.

The initiative in Boston comes after similar efforts at airports large and small across the US. It is expected that travel volume will increase substantially across the country as traveler experience becomes a prime focus of improvements and concession offerings.

As a result, OOH marketing will be even more effective for businesses.


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