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What does “SEG” stand for?

Silicon Edge Graphics are dye-sublimated graphics printed on fabric and finished with a slim silicone gasket around the edges.

What are the benefits of using tension fabric over other substrates?

Tension fabric graphics are lightweight and ship in compact boxes to save shipping cost and storage space.

K&R Solutions - SEG Benefits

Are SEG frames easy to assemble?

Our frames are made from lightweight aluminum and simple to assemble. Your shipment will include instructions along with an Allen key.

What backlit solutions does K&R offer?

Frame depths from 29.5mm to 200mm with options for single-sided and double-sided graphic faces. Lightboxes can be wall mounted, free standing, or hung with cables.

Can you meet my sustainability goals?

Sustainable solutions are a major focus at K&R. Contact us for more information about innovative materials and recycling options.

K&R Solutions - Sustainability

What are your Installation Services?

Our national network can install anything, from SEG and adhesive graphics to lightbox frames and custom décor.

K&R Solutions - Installation

What ACDBE certifications do you have?

KRSG is certified for marketing production and project management services in the following states:
Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas

K&R Solutions- ACDBE Certified