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SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphic


SEG is a high-quality, printed fabric that includes a thin PVC strip sewn around the outside edges. This design allows the fabric to be neatly tucked into a low-profile, modern aluminum frame design.

K&R - Silicone Edge Graphics

One of the many benefits of SEG is the ease of installation [link to downloads]. This system is a great alternative to rigid substrates that can be awkward to install and expensive to ship. Retailers and OOH [link to Markets] companies are also switching to SEG signage to improve image quality and expand beyond the size restrictions of rigid materials.

At KRSG, we use dye sublimation printing for SEG graphics. No other printing method offers such rich image quality for both non-lit and backlit applications.

K&R - Utah SEG

SEG is a fantastic option for brands looking for an efficient, top-quality solution with an easy user experience.


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