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“Made to last” shouldn’t mean “here forever.”

What is Bio Knit?

Bio Knit is a fabric dye sublimation print substrate designed with the performance characteristics of polyester but enhanced for the earth’s ecosystems. Standard polyester molecular chains are so large that it is difficult for microbes to process. Bio Knit incorporates an additive which creates “sweet spots” in each fiber where microbes can break down the fabric.



Designed to biodegrade naturally at the same rate as a non-synthetic fiber such as wool. Breaks down 15x faster than polyester.


Our unique fabric can withstand the rigors of manufacturing, shipping, and installation, just like polyester.


Has the same stretch and white value as K&R’s standard Soft Knit fabric for nonlit applications. Brighter is Better!


Reduces the microplastic pollution in our waterways because it actually degrades in water.


Pricing aligns with our other dye sublimation materials. There is no cost premium for the sustainability benefit.

Why Choose Bio Knit?

What is the material used for?

Bio Knit is designed for nonlit applications. K&R primarily uses the fabric for SEG Graphics.

Can we still recycle the fabric?

All of the fabrics that we print can be returned to K&R for recycling. Contact Us for more details.

Will the fabric biodegrade while in use?

No. Bio Knit will only begin the biodegrading process in the presence of a composting environment which requires heat, moisture, and microbes.

What does Bio Knit look like?

With a brilliant white point, this stretch fabric will stand out in a crowd. Check out our Bio Knit Gallery below for installations around the USA.

What is the installation like?

Bio Knit has a high stretch factor. Most installers we work with prefer this fabric for its flexibility and light weight in SEG applications.


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