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What is a Pop-up Shop (Pop-up KReation)?

A pop-up shop is a temporary installation that lets you connect & engage your customers. A pop-up shop can be anything you dream up! A successful pop-up creates an opportunity to get in front of new customers while strengthening brand loyalty with existing customers.

When to Use a Pop-up Shop

Benefits of Pop-up Shops

Pop-Up Shops as a Retail Marketing Strategy Works. Here are Some Important Statistics:

  • 80% of surveyed global retail brands claim their pop-ups were successful, 58% saying they will likely use pop-ups again
  • 55% of surveyed consumers shop at pop-up shops to find unique products and because pop-ups offer exclusive experiences
  • Consumers choose pop-up stores for¬†seasonal products (61%), localized options (36%), price (34%), convenience (33%), and fun and engaging experiences (30%)
  • 46% of brands use pop-ups to launch and highlight new products
  • 81% of Gen Z consumers prefer to discover new products in retail stores
  • 66% of surveyed brands say pop-ups are an ideal way to create brand buzz

(Statistics sources: Storefront, Pop-up Shops are Paying Off for Retailers, 53 Data-Backed Retail Statistics for 2022 and Beyond, Omnichannel Statistics for Retailers: New for 2022,  Statista Shopping Behavior)

Types of Pop-up KReations

The main types of pop-ups K&R supports from concept to fruition:

Considering a pop-up shop? Contact us about a Pop-up KReation! We are here to help.

K&R is proud to be a one-stop shop for your retail design and installation needs. Let us help you bring your pop-up dreams to life.

Stand out from your competition and invest in an unforgettable customer experience. 

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