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Picture a time you found yourself in an airport. The unique environment offers a journey beyond just your flight. Advertising is a big part of that.


It’s exciting, seemingly endless, and offers nearly anything you can imagine. Check out why airport advertising is so successful.


1. Frequent Flyers Take Notice

83% of frequent flyers notice airport advertising with 3-out-of-4 associating airport advertising with high-quality brands. (Clear Channel Outdoor)

OOH stands out to frequent flyers as an effective medium for impressions and ultimately, action. Frequent flyers often associate the airport environment with luxury brands and goods.


2. An Engaged and Receptive Target Audience

Passengers have an average of 90% ad awareness at the airport. (OAAA)

Studies show that people are often more aware and therefore more receptive to brands at the airport. This creates a unique opportunity to connect consumers with brands.


3. The Proof is in the Sales

Sales are proven. “Ads speak to consumers who are ready to spend, and they offer the convenience of making the purchase right there and then (and often discounted too!).” –JCDecaux,


4. Airport Advertising vs. Classical Media

66% of surveyed travelers consider ads in airports more exclusive and 57% say the ads are more eye-catching. (Fraport Monitor)

Passengers are in a heightened state of awareness while traveling. Business travelers are making decisions while consumers are receptive to new products and services.


5. The 2024 Travel Boom

“Some 4.7 billion people are expected to travel in 2024, a historic high that exceeds the pre-pandemic level of 4.5 billion recorded in 2019.” (IATA)

Get your OOH ready! There has never been a better time to market your business to a wide, targeted audience.


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