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Retail design is vital to giving consumers what they want. 

When it comes to shopping, it’s important to remember the significance of brick-and-mortar stores.

So how can you create a memorable shopping experience? One that will encourage people to walk through the doors of your store and help build brand loyalty. This should be top of mind for every retailer in 2023 – how can you give customers an experience they will remember? 

What are shoppers looking for? 

Shoppers want something that appeals to the senses and feels personal. 

According to recent research, here is what shoppers want: 

  • Happy shoppers – 86% of shoppers will pay more for a great shopper experience
  • Pleasant experience – 35% of consumers shop in retail stores for an enjoyable experience
  • Personalized experience – 49% of customers made impulse purchases after a customized experience
  • Product interaction – 24% of consumers want to touch, see, and try products before buying
  • Aligning with values – 83% of millennials expect brands to align with their values- 90% of Gen X consumers said that they would be willing to spend an extra 10% or more for sustainable products

(Consumers Demand Sustainable Products And Shopping Formats, SuperOffice, Commerce Trends 2023, and 53 Data-Backed Retail Statistics Shaping Retail in 2022 and Beyond)

Understand your shoppers

Understanding who your customers are and what they are looking for is essential.

Get to know whom you’re looking for. Here are some things to take into consideration: 

  • Income      
  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Behaviors/Habits
  • Interests
  • Values

(Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do)

Overall, this information will determine how you use aesthetic elements, including materials, colors, fixtures, lighting, space, window displays, and the overall layout of an environment. 

Understanding consumers + Thoughtful retail design= Positive shopping experience 

Retail Design Trend Alert: The Pop-up

Retailers should strive to balance traditional and new design approaches that deliver a fantastic experience. Pop-ups are a great way to accomplish this.

Pop-up installations appeal to the crankiest shoppers. Why? They are entertaining to look at. There are various types of pop-ups, including those designed specifically for events and holidays, many of which utilize technologies and unique materials.

K&R recently designed, produced, and installed a retail pop-up concept for an invite-only exhibition. The unique forms and gorgeous materials create an engaging, memorable experience for the user.

Stand out from your competition and invest in an unforgettable customer experience. 

K&R is proud to be a one-stop shop for your retail design and installation needs. Let us help you bring your retail design visions to life.

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