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Investing in a sustainable workplace is investing in the business and its culture.

Many businesses need help to bring their employees back to work. Unfortunately, the Covid era has normalized working from home and getting on Zoom calls. Employees can’t think of any reason to go into the office. What is the incentive? Why would employees even bother?

Companies are finding that the lack of connection within the company culture and missed creative opportunities within peer circles are not beneficial, nor is it providing a productive work environment. It’s time for companies to redesign their spaces and introduce sustainability while giving employees a cross-functional and healthy workspace.

Enhance your workplace with sustainability and creativity.

Employers are creating beautiful spaces with state-of-the-art amenities to bring back employees, including gyms, gaming rooms, massage therapists, and more. The days of the austere and sterile-looking office space are slowly becoming something of the past.

Companies are investing in reimagining business lobbies and shared work areas while focusing on providing a collaborative, sustainable workspace.

Why does sustainability matter?

  • 63% of Americans hope businesses will take the lead to drive social and environmental change toward a more sustainable future. – Cone Communications
  • 83% of consumers believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to have a positive impact by designing products intended for reuse or recycling. – Accenture
  • 63% of Americans hope businesses will take the lead to drive social and environmental change toward a more sustainable future. – Cone Communications

What are some ways K&R can help create unique working environments? (Sustainably, of course)

  1. Sustainable Materials: Material selection is key. KRSG stocks printable fabric substrates that are biodegradable, have recycled content, and can be recycled post-use. Our aluminum SEG frames contain recycled content and are easily recycled post-use.
  2. Tension Fabric Graphics: Tension Fabric Graphics are widely used for their durability and compact shipping size. Fabric graphics are light, easy to install, and versatile in application. K&R uses the latest dye sublimation printers to give you the most brilliant image quality.
  3. SEG Light Boxes: Our proprietary lighting solution is easy to install and can be used in virtually any size and shape. We offer double-sided, freestanding, and wall-mount applications. In addition to our standard frames, we provide ultra-slim lightboxes as thin as 29.5mm.

Have a solution in mind? Let us help you bring your vision to life.


Overall, an investment in a sustainable work environment will profit your business, improve employee satisfaction, and make a positive impact in the long term. In the future, successful businesses will be the ones to prioritize workplace sustainability and be socially and environmentally responsible.


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