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K&R recently overhauled three 15-foot lightboxes at Richmond International Airport. We are veteran project managers, but this project reminded us that site surveys are critical to a smooth installation.

Assumptions are risky, especially when it comes to planning airport installations. Performing a site survey can streamline all aspects of production and installation:

  • Verify critical dimensions
  • Identify power locations
  • Space planning for staging
  • Confirm ladder and lift requirements
  • Discover anything unanticipated about the site

It’s Electric

The bottom finish panels had to be removed and replaced to access power, which took considerable time.


Our lightboxes were built based on the existing frame sizes. However, manufacturer tolerances and the squareness of built enclosures can vary. One lightbox was 1/16” too wide and had to be trimmed off-site. So much extra time for 1/16”!


Although these enclosures look precisely the same on the outside, we quickly discovered that all three were constructed differently. A site survey can help identify these conditions and help the project team accurately estimate time.

Two millwork enclosures that are side by side but built entirely differently

Flawless Results

Ultimately, the installation was successful but took 4 hours longer than anticipated. The before and after photos were well worth the effort.

 Check out the difference in brilliance and color with the new lightboxes!



The original lightboxes had greenish lighting, missing LEDs, and shadows. Our new lightboxes are evenly illuminated and correctly reflect the graphic colors.

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